Max Crumit

Who is Max Crumit?

Max Crumit, over the course of his career, has demonstrated an in-depth knowledge of the transportation infrastructure industry as well as keen business acumen. He has led a number of prominent projects in Florida, where his firm was headquartered, as well as prominent projects nationally.  Of note, Max Crumit is credited with the planning and design of multiple sections of the Orange County East-West Expressway. Max Crumit also headed up PD&E efforts for the MAGLEV project, an elevated, 300-mph railway that planned to carry passengers from Orlando International Airport to Walt Disney World.

Max Crumit has since gone on to serve as the president of transportation with PBS&J Inc., in which role he oversaw all operations, staffing and business functions. Following the sale of PBS&J to Atkins Global, Max Crumit served as a senior vice president with RS&H, providing strategic development advice to company decision makers. Recruited from this role to serve as the executive director of the Orlando-Orange County Expressway Authority during a transitional period, Mr. Crumit later became the strategic program development director of C2M Hill. He now draws on this diverse background as a consultant with private firms throughout the United States.

A graduate of the civil engineering college at the University of Florida, Max Crumit has since gone on to complete specialized training in transportation and transit engineering at the University of Central Florida. Mr. Crumit has successfully completed the executive business institute program at the University of Chicago and has remained active in his field as a member of numerous professional organizations.

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