Betonwerk US

Bringing more than 30 years of transportation engineering experience, Max Crumit is currently being recruited to serve as CEO of betonwerk US. Max Crumit’s new position involves oversight of betonwerk’s core business of water removal processes for paved surfaces in North America.

Affiliated with betonwerk Neu-Ulm in Stuttgart, Germany, betonwerk US focuses on their proprietary slot-drain water runoff collection systems made of reinforced concrete. The slot-drains allow for rapid removal of rainwater and are used extensively on Germany’s Autobahn. The systems are in widespread use throughout Europe in airports, tunnels, and residential and commercial areas.

The drains serve dual purposes of preventing hydroplaning and protecting the roads themselves. A high flow-off rate permits rapid water absorption, reducing the likelihood of the ponding of stormwater runoff.  Crumit stated that he was impressed with the slot-drain design.  It’s intake capacity and low-head transference of stormwater runoff makes it uniquely applicable in all types of infrastructure uses. This enhanced drainage design requires fewer manholes and fewer connections to sewer systems.

Another advantage of the system is its resistance to damage from frost and deicing salts. The runoff pipes are sealed to prevent leakage of hazardous chemicals into groundwater, which helps protect the environment.

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